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Composite Collage For this assignment, we basically took the items that we picked up and made a composite collage. Composite, as in, we had to play with layering modes, and other effects on Photoshop. I also added a background.


Collage For this assignment, we were told to take a 30 min walk and pick up random things that we could scan in and make a collage of.  This is what came out from the items I picked up:

4 different leaves, 1 dollar bill (woo!), and a micron pen (i decided to take the cap off).

Fan Money feat. RanzukiAlongside customizing our own paper money, we also had to create and fold up our own paper wallet. My designs for the paper money and the wallet (which will not be shown) was inspired by my friend’s upcoming novel. I’ve seen his work and enjoyed it very much, so I thought “why not?”

In ths assignment, we were told to merge two animals together to create a chimera on Adobe Illustrator. So I decided to create a Monkey Rabbit. đŸ˜€

This piece was dedicated to the song “Poison” by Sorimachi Takashi, which is the theme song to GTO Live Action- a series that I felt had a strong message and a great impact. The main character, Onizuka- is quite the inspiration. The assignment was to use Adobe Illustrator to create a strictly typographical piece. Although most of the characters in my piece are of Japanese descent (hiragana, katakana, and kanji), I will provide a translation (below, later).

Immediately proceeding the buggy assignment, our next was to create a pop art piece of our own by tracing over a random object with the pen tool. I chose the power symbol because it seems like computers and overall electricity are the prominent objects of today’s society. I just placed that symbol on an incandescent light bulb to express how much light/electricity we use: “The Power of Light.”

Experimenting and using the pen tool, we had to trace over an image of a buggy.

First assignment was to play around with Adobe  Illustrator, and to create an urban themed piece.

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